The Laborers Apprenticeship Program is set up as a three year program. A minimum of 4000 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training and 432 classroom hours (11 weeks) is required over the course of three years in order to become a journeyworker. Apprentices start at 75% of the journeyworker's wage rate and progress as follows:

Wage Schedule:
1st Period     0-1000 Hours     75%
2nd Period     1001-2000 Hours     85%
3rd Period     2001-3000 Hours     90%
4th Period     3001-4000 Hours     95%

Apprenticeships and applications can be picked up at our local office. However, currently, we are not accepting new applications. Please check back January 2020 for updated information.

Please bring a copy of your drivers license, social security card, birth certificate, high school diploma or GED (transcripts are permitted) and DD-214 if applicable.

Contact info:
Laborers’ Local 561
951 North Park Dr
Evansville IN 47710

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